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Please note that, due to government guidelines, from Monday 4th January 2021 to Monday 12th April we will be teaching online via Zoom.

We use traditional teaching methods to offer friendly small group tuition in Maths, English and 11 Plus preparation for pupils from Early Years through Primary.

Classes are taught by the teacher, who then helps each pupil individually. Our teachers build confidence with fun, friendly classes that focus on individual needs.

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Success Rate

to Grammar Schools over the past 10 years


Pass Rate

in Entrance exams over the past 10 years


Happy Students

All reaching their goals through praise and confidence building


Years Experience

in the 11 Plus & Entrance exam sector

How Jacqui Robinson Can Help Your Child

11 Plus Tuition

Our 11 Plus results in 2018 were outstanding with 54 students being offered selective school places

Maths Tuition

Our aim is to build knowledge and confidence, with teacher led classes in small friendly groups.

English Tuition

We build up English skill by our students becoming 'text detectives' and identifying key words in the text.

Child Assessments

Our assessments for each child allows us to allocate their scheme of work perfectly.

Entrance Exams

Independent school examinations often follow the 11 Plus format, this is the ideal environment to prepare.


A growth mindset is at the heart of all confident learners. We encorporate this into all our lessons.

We Teach Confident And Happy Learners

Students need self confidence, which comes from seeing themselves progress learn and gain praise from their teacher and other students in their group.

At our centre, children work with a tutor. The work is achievable and carefully structured to progress skills at an impressive rate using a growth mind-set.

3 Simple Steps To Learn Successfully...

Here are 3 simple steps for successful and useful ideas on how to keep your child constantly learning at home.

These steps provide a solid foundation for your child's ongoing education and prepare them for whatever may come their way at school.

We are here to help at Jacqui Robinson Education. For more help, call us on 01206 827945.

Read out loud with your child everyday

If you are consistently reading you are boosting comprehension skills  and learning new vocabulary.

Write maths problems in a special books

When they come to look over these problems again, they will have instructions that they will understand.

Ask your child to teach you something

This way, the put information into their own words like magic.

How To Find Jacqui Robinson Education Centre

We are in Colchester, 2 miles from Colchester town centre, 15 miles from Clacton, 5 minutes from the A120 giving access from Harwich, Earls Colne, Halstead, Braintree and Manningtree. We are 20 minutes from Witham; 30 minutes from Ipswich; 35 minutes from Chelmsford and 45 minutes from Brentwood. We are 1 hour and 20 minutes from Norwich.

  • ALL LESSONS are held at The Jacqui Robinson Education Centre, 348 – 350 Ipswich Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 0ET.

Parking is available in the education centre.


What some of our happy clients say about us

5 out of 5 stars

Bonny Chemlik, Year 6 Mum

"Jacqui is an excellent teacher, expects excellence from her students and achieves it in their grades. The journey through lockdown hasn't been easy but she has made it so much easier. Thanks to Jacqui, Molly and Marcus for exceptional service, always with a smile."

Mrs Eddy, Year 1 Mum

"I just wanted to send a huge thank you to Jacqui for a fantastic lesson. William thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and I was able to support him with exactly her teaching methods."

Saw & Hnin Tha, Year 5 Parents

"Jacqui has offered a good learning environment for the children and the children love getting presents at the end of the class for their work. I would definitely recommend Jacqui to others not only for 11+ but also for general support with English and Maths."

Mrs Lawrence, Year 4 Grandmother

"My grand-daughter gets the teacher time and attention at Jacqui’s that she doesn’t get at school"

Becca, Year 5 Mum

"Jacqui’s teaching is excellent and at a very high level. There is so much attention to detail provided in the English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning tuition."

Dan Woodruff, Year 4 Dad

"Before attending this centre, she was very capable. With the support of the centre the most notable change has been a massive increase in her self-confidence. The centre has a very high success rate in getting children through the 11+ assessments."


Jacqui Robinson Education Centre, 348 – 350 Ipswich Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 0ET

01206 827 495


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