Alina Damian
24th March 2021
Great 11+ Tuition
Unique, reliable, long term partner in this education journey

My daughter is in Y5 currently; she prepares for the 11plus exam. During the first lockdown, we benefitted from Jacqui’s free lessons and we loved her teaching style. Hence, I decided to enrol my daughter with Jacqui Robinson Education Center and our experience has been extremely positive. I can see a lot of progress in Maths as well as English. I think, as parents, we need to “own” our children’ education and, ideally, find the right partner (school as well as tutoring services) to help us throughout this journey. Personally, I think Jacqui and her team are that unique, reliable, long term partner in this education journey. I can only applaud Jacqui’s generosity in offering the free lessons during the lockdown: I think this is very gracious and shows the dedication and the long term commitment to support the youngest citizens in their learning journey!
I would like to add that the team has made all necessary preparations to provide the courses and mock exams online; they have proven to be ready to provide the same high level quality courses and support even in these “remote / online learning” circumstances.

Jacqui Robinson
Jacqui Robinson

Jacqui Robinson has been a teacher for over 30 years and specialises in small group tutoring in the 11 plus, Maths and English. Having taught at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Kent and New Hall day and boarding school in Chelmsford Jacqui has a wealth of skills and knowledge. Over half of her twenty five strong staff were taught by Jacqui when they were young and the caring, supportive ethos and high academic standards are rewarded with outstanding examination results.