Private school entrance exams

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Private school entrance exams

There are many excellent private schools, which require prospective students to sit an entrance examination. For the majority of schools the topics examined are Math, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. The schools need a bench mark and evidence that they can cater for the student’s educational needs. Preparing students for the Eleven Plus is the ideal way to cover the depth of subjects required. This preparation also enables student to aim for scholarship places.

Many private schools offer a variety of scholarships. These can range from sport to drama, music and academic depending on the school. Scholarships are usually for the entire career of the student at the school so can be very financially advantageous. The value of the scholarship is usually a percentage of the fees and typically ranges from 10% to 25% depending on the school and their current policy.

Interviewing candidates and their parents is common with students often being asked to give a short presentation. We have sessions on interviewing skills at all levels and are fully experienced in guiding students and parents through the preparation for the exams and the interviews. Guidance and advice is also available on putting together a project to display at the interviews.

Over 30 years we have never has a student turned down for an independent (private) school place, with 84 of our students being offered scholarships.

Congratulations to all of our students who have been offered independent school scholarships.

Our successful students have been offered scholarships at:

St Mary's Colchester

Ipswich School

Royal Hospital School

New Hall Chelmsford

Brentwood School

These offer reduced school fees for the entire time a student attends the school; in real terms these are worth thousands of pounds.

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“My grand-daughter gets the teacher time and attention at Jacqui’s that she doesn’t get at school"

Mrs Lawrence, Grandmother of a Year Four pupil

“I used to find reading difficult but Jacqui showed me that actually, I am pretty good!”

Hannah, Year Ten pupil

“My son always does his tutor homework; he enjoys the praise, prizes and gained so much confidence”

Mrs Shore, Year Seven Mum

“A warm welcome, drinks and biscuits and genuine care mean the children enjoy learning”

Mr Branagh, Foundation Dad

“Daniel is enjoying Maths – I never thought I would say that, he is now on target for a Grade B”

Mrs Jackson, Year Eleven Mum