11 Plus Tuition For Children Aged 7-11 Years Old

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With over 30 years of successful tuition for the Essex 11 Plus examination, our pass rate is consistently over 96% with over 54 students gaining the Grammar school of their choice in 2018.

We have taught 7 students who went on to not only pass the 11 Plus but come first in county against over 4000 candidates.

When to start tuition

Our students usually begin 11 Plus preparation at the beginning of Year 4 however Year 5 students are also accepted. Students gain a broad, balanced, quality background so that when they pass the 11 Plus they are ready for life in the Grammar school.

What is taught

We teach Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning, being completely up to date with the new Essex examinations and preparing students thoroughly.

In English composition, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are taught. Examination and literary techniques which are crucial to success in English are practised regularly.

The Maths examination is far beyond the reach of primary school Maths. No matter how able a student is, they still need to be taught the correct curriculum, get plenty of practice and have the experience of working at the same speed as other able students from a 40 mile radius.

The Eleven Plus is a competitive examination therefore it is crucial to teach in small groups which have been set by ability. This raises speed, focus and builds friendships which will continue throughout Grammar school and on to university.

How students are taught

Students are taught an excellent foundation in Maths. In Year 4, we teach the more advanced topics that they will cover in Year 5 but with simpler numbers.

In English inference is taught on a steadily progressing program with students becoming detectives; using highlighters to gather supporting evidence from the text. Perfect answer games encourage them to focus and be brave in answering a question.

All classes are tutor led and, as the 11 Plus is a pen and paper exam, students are taught in the same way. The tutor teaches from the front of the class then circulates around the room, with assistance from a mentor, helping each student as and when appropriate. Student work is constantly monitored with tutors seeing immediately to students who requires help. There are a maximum of 12 students in each class working on a 1 adult to 4 students ratio.

Books are marked by our junior mentors who are our successful Grammar school students now in Years 10-13. Any mistakes are worked through in class and praise is given.

People do well in life by going beyond what is asked of them. We award prizes every week to any student who has done work they have not been asked to do. Our prizes are toys, sweets or stationery.

Cost & Times

Classes run:

Tuesday - 4:00pm to 8:00pm at Jacqui Robinson Education Centre

Wednesday - 4:00pm to 8:00pm at Jacqui Robinson Education Centre

Thursday - 4:00pm to 7:00pm at Jacqui Robinson Education Centre

Saturday - 8:00am to 4:00pm at Jacqui Robinson Education Centre.


For all of our Students:

Silver Package: One hour a week in a group is £138 per month.

Gold Package: Two hours a week in a group is £254 per month.

Any further lessons are charged at a discounted rate of £116 per month.

We telephone parents twice a year for a standard verbal report. In addition to this, you will receive a full written yearly report.

You are welcome to telephone at any time and your tutor will be happy to discuss your child’s progress or any educational queries.

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“My grand-daughter gets the teacher time and attention at Jacqui’s that she doesn’t get at school"

Mrs Lawrence, Grandmother of a Year Four pupil

“I used to find reading difficult but Jacqui showed me that actually, I am pretty good!”

Hannah, Year Ten pupil

“My son always does his tutor homework; he enjoys the praise, prizes and gained so much confidence”

Mrs Shore, Year Seven Mum

“A warm welcome, drinks and biscuits and genuine care mean the children enjoy learning”

Mr Branagh, Foundation Dad

“Daniel is enjoying Maths – I never thought I would say that, he is now on target for a Grade B”

Mrs Jackson, Year Eleven Mum