Your 11+ Questions Answered

Can we apply to sit the 11+ if we don’t live in Essex? 

Yes. The 11 Plus in Essex is open to anyone regardless of where they currently live. 


What subjects are tested for the 11+ in Essex? 

1) Maths
2) English
3) Verbal Reasoning


Will school register my child for the 11+ Exam? 

No. Parents or people with parental responsibility register their children for the 11+. 

The registration period for 2021 entry is open from 19th May 2020 until 1st July 2020.


How old will my child be when they sit the 11+? 

The vast majority of students will be 10 years old when they sit the 11 Plus. If your child is born at the beginning of September they may be 11 years old as the exam is the third week of September. Occasionally if a child has been put up a year at school because of their academic excellence they are able to sit the 11+ earlier. 


Who can sit the 11+ in Essex? 

Any student at all can sit the 11+ in Essex. 
This means that students can come from abroad and from out of the county. 


When is the 11+ Exam? 

The 11+ Exam in Essex has traditionally been on the third Saturday of September as students enter year six. This means that students have been in year six for three weeks when they sit the 11+ Exam. 

This year the exam is on Saturday 19th September 2020.


What year will my child be in when they sit the 11+? 

Students sit the 11+ as soon as they enter year six at school. The exam is three weeks into year six. 

Jacqui Robinson
Jacqui Robinson

Jacqui Robinson has been a teacher for over 30 years and specialises in small group tutoring in the 11 plus, Maths and English. Having taught at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Kent and New Hall day and boarding school in Chelmsford Jacqui has a wealth of skills and knowledge. Over half of her twenty five strong staff were taught by Jacqui when they were young and the caring, supportive ethos and high academic standards are rewarded with outstanding examination results.

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